Board of Trustees

Leadership of Standing Trustee Committees

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Executive Committee

  • Jan Rock Zubrow, Chair
  • Peter J. Nolan, Vice Chair

Compensation Committee

  • M. Eileen McManus Walker, Chair

Committee on Academic Affairs

  • David R. Fischell, Co-Chair
  • Karen P. Zimmer, Co-Chair
  • William D. Perez, Vice Chair

Investment Committee

  • Donald C. Opatrny, Chair
  • Gary S. Davis, Vice Chair
  • Peter J. Nolan, Vice Chair

Audit Committee

  • Barton J. Winokur, Chair
  • Kraig H. Kayser, Vice Chair
  • Ruben J. King-Shaw, Vice Chair

Committee on Board Composition and Governance

  • Ronald D. McCray, Chair

Board of Overseers - Weill Medical College and Graduate School of Medical Sciences

  • Jessica M. Bibliowicz, Chair

Committee on University Relations

  • Craig Yunker, Chair
  • Linda R. Macaulay, Vice Chair
  • Martin F. Scheinman, Vice Chair

Buildings and Properties Committee

  • Leland C. Pillsbury, Co-Chair
  • Dalia P. Stiller, Co-Chair

Committee on Development

  • Paul Salvatore, Co-Chair
  • Andrew H. Tisch, Co-Chair

Committee on Alumni Affairs

  • Gene Resnick, Chair
  • Nicole B. DelToro, Vice Chair

Finance Committee

  • David D. Croll, Co-Chair
  • Douglas L. Braunstein, Co-Chair
  • Peggy J. Koenig, Vice Chair

Committee on Student Life

  • Richard L. Booth, Co-Chair
  • Armando J. Olivera, Co-Chair
  • Barbara G. Novick, Vice Chair

Trustee-Community Communications Committee

  • Ezra Cornell, Chair