Board of Trustees


Pursuant to the university bylaws, the Board of Trustees is vested with "supreme control" over the university, including all of its colleges and other units. Trustees have a fiduciary responsibility to the university as a whole. Among other responsibilities, the board elects the president, adopts an annual plan of financial operation, and establishes degrees to be awarded. Through the bylaws, day-to-day responsibility for administration of the university is delegated by the trustees to the president.

The Board of Trustees consists of 64 voting members. In addition to board-elected trustees, Cornell students, employees, faculty, and alumni elect individuals to serve on the board with full voting privileges. Four ex-officio members -- the president of the university, the governor of the state of New York, the speaker of the state assembly, and the president of the state senate -- also have voting privileges.

The full board meets three times a year in Ithaca (in March, May, and October) and once in New York City in January. Portions of these meetings are open to the public. Committees of the board convene prior to these meetings and as necessary at other times.

The Office of the Board of Trustees

The Office of the Board of Trustees is located within the Office of University Counsel. James J. Mingle, in addition to serving as University Counsel, is also Secretary of the Corporation. The Secretary of the Corporation is responsible for the governance matters involving the Board of Trustees and is the official record keeper for the proceedings of the Board of Trustee meetings. On a day-to-day basis, much of the Board's support is administered by Kristin D. MacHenry, Associate Secretary of the Corporation; and provided by Sheila B. Grant, Administrative Coordinator for the Board of Trustees.